Good Music Is Alive And Well


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I read the news this week that Atlantic Records signed the girl known as “Cash Me Outside” to their label. A public figure tweeted about it and exclaimed that good music is dying. My immediate response was, No, it’s not.

Good music is not dying. It’s true that big labels sign artists who bring big numbers and can make a lot of money; it’s also true that the music coming from those labels and artists might not always be the greatest. However, great music is being written, recorded, and performed every day.

Last week, while in Nashville, I went to hear Christa Wells in a songwriters’ round. I met Christa a few years ago, she was a guest blogger here, and I attended a retreat she hosted last winter. I’m a fan of her music and her heart. I knew any round she was participating in would include great music, so I drove to a quaint coffee shop where I spent a rainy evening enveloped by songs that inspired me.

Christa’s friend, Dale Baker, hosted the evening. Brett Harris and Johnny Kindall completed the round of four. Each brought their own stories and unique vibe, and still, they complemented one another well. I found myself thinking, I like that song best, after each one played.

Brett and Dale both sang songs they’d written about letting go of some of the things they’d been taught as children and discovering truth for themselves. Of course, that resonated deep in my soul. Johnny sang about love, and Christa sang about hope. And, in true Nashville form, Dale called a couple of musician friends up on stage to play, as well.

I bought Brett’s album, and it’s currently spinning on my record player. The lyrics are equally as moving as the music. His voice serenades anyone within listening range. It is truly great music.

Good music is not dying. It’s alive and well. Maybe it’s on a bit more of an intimate level where we have to search a little harder for it, but it’s there to be found.


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  1. Yes I am glad that you are writing and also singing. Your gifts are to be shared.

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