The Lonely Season


lonely, alone-Christmas

It’s the lonely season

When grief settles a matter

And memories haunt

Instead of prompting laughter


It’s the lonely season

A time to numb and deny

An ache that persists

No happy ending in sight


It’s the lonely season

When a taste or sound or smell

Serves as a reminder

Of days when all was well


It’s the lonely season

Meet the Christmas ghosts

Midnight spirits intrude

To mock a troubled soul


It’s the lonely season

When refugees were turned away

And a baby wasn’t welcome

For those alone, we pray


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  1. Lynn D. Morrissey says:

    Beautiful Rebekah… oh yes, it is that. It’s only this year that I actually realized that Jesus Himself was a refugee! And what a stark and somber realization it was, giving me further insight into how lonely Christ must have been here on earth, when the people whom He loved and came to save rejected Him (and giving me further empathy into the plight of refugees today).

    And this is the lovely season, when, such as depicted in the beautiful candle you have chosen to illustrate your poem, we, who walk in great, lonely darkness, have seen a lovely light: The Light of the world has come to illumine our darkness and give us warmth. It’s Christmas Chiaroscuro!

    And just maybe, the darker the background, the brighter His one, true light will shine!

    Love you and have a special Christmas….

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